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Smiling Sliding Slimes is a movement-based puzzle game, where you play as a slime hivemind!

Attach other slimes to your body to grow larger, or use the enviroment to divide yourself into many parts, and work in parallel.

If that wasn't hard enough already, green slimes, unlike the blue ones, can't live without friends. So make sure they always have someone around them to keep them happy!

Dev note: I'm afraid I couldn't spend much time on this prototype, so winning condition and other mechanics are not implemented yet, sorry!

You can test the slime hivemind movement, though, which is the core of the game.

Try to create your own challenges, for now. For instance, try to shape your body as a "C", "T", "L", "+"... Or try getting all the slimes from one side of the level to the other, or lining them all up against a wall.

Expect cool features in the future, like having to align many slimes in order to cross a gap without falling!

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